Friday, October 06, 2006

A special Paal Abhishekam (a ceremony of ablutions and symbolic offerings, symbolizing spiritual purification) was held at the Sri Veera Maha Pathirakaali Amman Temple in Rajagiriya on a full moon day, October 6 th 2006. The devotees get a chance to enter the "Moolasthaanam" (Main shrine) on this day to offer milk to "Sri Sakra Maha Meru Yanthram".

Thousands of Hindu and non Hindu devotees offered milk, and took part in the special pooja.

"Sri Sakra Maha Meru Yanthram" is kept in the "Moolasthaanam" along with Sri Lalitha Thiripurasunthari Amman. Special pooja is held on every full moon day, while the devotees offer milk to "Sri Sakra Maha Meru Yanthram".

"Sri Sakra Maha Meru Yanthram".

The Maha Meru consists of 43 triangles. 22 triangles looking upward, representing Lord Siva, and 21 triangles looking downward, representing Goddess Shakthi. It bestows divine environment, harmony, welfare, good health, positive thinking, purity, prosperity, progress, protection, and peace of mind. It is believed that by worshipping the "Maha Meru" the love and affection between the husband and wife will be improved.

A devotee offers "Paal Abhishekam" to "Sri Sakra Maha Meru Yanthram"

"Valampuri Sangu" is used to offer milk to Sri Thiripurasunthari Amman

Sri Veera Maha Pathirakaali Amman is dressed in red silk saree, and sandalwood

A Hindu devotee is with ghee lamps

Ghee lamps are lit

Devotees worship the "Navakragam": (nine planets), these planets are believed to bestow humans with special gifts.